Reasons To Not Give Him A Chance

Guys can be excellent salesmen, they can literally enchant you into liking them, dating, and even marrying them.  Many women have fallen in love with a new Bugatti only to wake up next to a Lada. Despite the charm, the tsunami of emotions and the feelings of being gone with the wind, there are obvious reasons why you should not give him a chance no matter how hard he tries to impress you. Not to say that all guys are gamers who are out to break your heart, but if you notice any of the following things, see them as clear reasons to not give him a chance.

He Compares You to His Ex

One of the biggest reasons to not give him a chance is if he compares you to his ex. You’re a beautiful woman who should be proudly living in her own skin. Don’t ever let a guy make you feel like #2, or a replacement or runner up. You will know pretty quickly where he stands with feelings for you because if he always brings her up, reminisces about her (don’t be fooled by him “dissing” her), or ruminates on how much of an ass she is because she doesn’t know how good of a man she had, run in the other direction! You are nowhere on his radar, and his ex is everywhere you ought to be.

He’s Rude

Sure, everyone has good days and bad days, but when a guy consistently exhibits poor manners or is just an ass to you, the people you care about, the people in his life, or total strangers?  You’re dealing with a disrespectful ass.  Keep it moving.

He Brings Out The Worst In You

Do you feel like you’re always on the verge of tears? Do you feel like you need to walk on eggshells? If the answer is yes to even one of those questions, then he’s bringing out the worst in you. A guy who should be given a chance is one who respects you and brings out the best in you. You should feel a sense of wholeness and completeness if you’re with the right guy.

He’s Conceited

Self-confidence is a very attractive quality. But being overly cocky and conceited is a huge turn off.  If you’re starting to see signs that he takes things way too seriously, has a big head, and constantly feels like he’s rubbing his pride in everyone’s face, you may want to reconsider dating him or pursuing him as a boyfriend.  He will never have time for you or your feelings, because his entire existence (and if he has it his way, so will yours) is all about him.

He Gives You False Hopes That He’ll Change

If you’re in a relationship right now or dating someone who you are desperately trying to change, your relationship is not healthy. Harsh? Not even, but absolutely true. Some guys will lead you on to believe that they WILL change because they claim to love you or want to be your ideal mate. But the truth is, actions speak louder than words. If he seems to be saying one thing and doing another, chances are he is giving you false hopes of changing.

He Lacks Direction

If you’re noticing that he just doesn’t seem to know what he wants for himself or wants out of life, he’s probably not worth pursuing.  If he doesn’t know what he wants for himself, that likely indicates that he has the same uncertainty regarding you and your relationship.  A directionless person is prone to go anywhere the wind blows.  Do you want your heart, life, health and future to be left to the whims of uncertainty?

He Rubs You The Wrong Way

If none of these reasons gave you a reason to not give him a chance, hopefully, this will be an eye opener.  If you like, are dating, or seeing someone who just downright annoys you,  just stop talking to him. Don’t remain hopeful or in love with the idea of being in a relationship…it’s not worth it. If you aren’t comfortable with him and he’s a source of irritation,  don’t give him a chance. If he seems PERFECT on paper but you don’t feel chemistry with him. Walk away.

This isn’t supposed to give you nightmares and I’m not trying to discourage you or say that all guys aren’t worth a chance. Be careful and be honest with yourself about how you feel about someone before you give him a chance. Try to really know someone inside and out before you give yourself the full OK to open your emotions to him. What are some of your reasons why you would never give someone a chance?

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