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Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

1300s – 1600s

  • (1300) Carib Indians of South America conquered indigenous Arawak Indians
  • (1498) Christopher Columbus visited main island on St. Vincent’s Day
  • (1627) St. Vincent granted to Britain’s Lord Carlisle


  • (1783) St. Vincent recognized as British colony by Treaty of Versailles
  • (1795-97) Following uprising, Britain with support of French, deported 5,000 Caribs to Belize


  • (1812) First recorded eruption of La Soufriere Volcano resulted in many casualties
  • (1834) Slavery abolished


  • http://www.caribbeanelections.com/vc/images/people/James_Mitchell.jpg(1902) Second eruption of La Soufriere volcano resulted in deaths of 2,000 inhabitants
  • (1951) Universal adult suffrage granted in St. Vincent
  • (1958-62) St. Vincent became member of British-sponsored West Indies Federation
  • (1969) St. Vincent granted internal self-government; Britain retained responsibility for foreign, defense affairs
  • (1979) St. Vincent and the Grenadines became independent; Milton Cato, center-left St. Vincent Labor Party (SVLP), became prime minister
  • (1981) Workers staged general strike to protest against economic recession
  • (1984) James Mitchell (NDP) elected prime minister
  • (1989) Mitchell returned to office, NDP won all parliamentary seats
  • (1994) NDP, Mitchell reelected
  • (1998) NPD, Mitchell served a fourth term


  • (2000) Mitchell resigned; succeeded by Arniham Eustace, financial minister; proposal to increase pensions for parliamentarians resulted in anti-government protests
  • (2001) Ralph Gonsalves became prime minister
  • (2003) St. Vincent and the Grenadines admitted to non-aligned movement of developing nations; country removed from list of nations deemed uncooperative against money-laundering
  • (2005) Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves, ULP, won second term
  • (2009) In constitutional referendum voters rejected proposal to replace monarchy with republic

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