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Expensive Gadgets: 5 Most Expensive TVs

Expensive Gadgets: 5 Most Expensive TVs

The television industry is constantly launching new technology.  There are many televisions available which have many advanced features. Most televisions are very affordable to almost everyone. However, there are some televisions that bring to life the adage “if you’ve asked the price, you can’t afford it”.  Sometimes, the prices are due to the advanced technology, but typically, it’s due to the sheer luxury  that they bring into your home.

BeoVision 4 – 103:  $140,000

If you’re like me and size matters, this Bang and Olufsen TV set is perfect for you. The BeoVision 4 – 103 is a 103 inch plasma TV with a 100 Hz picture display. This TV has many advanced features such as a motorized stand to adjust the viewing angle, auto picture control and auto color management.


Sharp LB-1085 LCD TV:  $160,000

This 108 inch LCD TV from Sharp premiered in 2008. It has a brightness of 400 cd/m2., a 6 millisecond response time and 1080p picture quality. This 108 inch screen also provides a 176 degree viewing angle and has 1 DVI and 3 HDMI input ports.


Panasonic TH-152UX1 TV: $500,000

This 152 inch plasma TV by Panasonic features a stunning 4096 by 2160 pixel resolution. It’s a heavyweight at a whopping 1272 pounds. This TV delivers a separate 3D image in HD quality.


Stuart Hughes’ PrestigeHD Supreme Edition: Price – $1.5 million

The Stuart Hughes PrestigeHD Supreme Edition is a television built for the super-rich. This 55 inch television has 19 kilograms of 22K yellow gold. It has 48 round cut .075 carat diamonds (36 carats). This TV is also studded with topaz and aventurine gems.


Stuart Hughes’ PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Edition: Price – $2.26 million

Just in case you find the PrestigeHD Supreme Edition just a bit pedestrian, the PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Edition might be a more attractive option.  It is coated with 18 K rose gold weighing close to 28 kilograms and also features 72 round-cut, 1 carat diamonds; that’s 72 carats in diamonds.

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