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An Hermès product being dubbed the most expensive is nothing new. And now, the brand, known for its outrageous prices, has come up with a t-shirt which costs nearly $100, 000.00 or twice the income of the average US household.  A t-shirt is typically one of the cheapest items in one’s ensemble.

Expensive casualwear: Hermes have designed a T-shirt made entirely of crocodile skin for $91,500. According to The Awl, the item costs an additional $8,000 in sales tax, bringing the price up to nearly six figures


The French luxury brand’s crocodile and chiffon black shirt costs an astounding $91, 500 and is available at the Madison Avenue flagship store. The sales tax? Approximately $8,000.00

With $100, 000, the average person could make a substantial down-payment on a home, in some places, $100,00o.00 can buy a nice home.

Crocodile skin T-shirt

The leather shirt is made with beautifully sewn swaths of crocodile skin which has earned negative reactions from animal rights activists. PETA called the shirt cheap looking and ludicrous” and said, “Most people nowadays want to avoid looking like ignorant barbarians.”

Hermes 91,000 shirt

“The highest price for this rather cheap-looking and ludicrous Hermes T-shirt is paid by the crocodiles who were bludgeoned to death or even skinned alive to make it,” said PETA spokesperson Colleen O’Brien. “PETA suggests showing creativity, not cruelty to animals, and offering killer looks that no one had to be killed for to create.”

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