Things Women Do To Men

Men get a lot of blame for being promiscuous and superficial when it comes to women, but let’s face it — women do their share of nasty shenanigans, too. Here are some ways that women can be uniquely cruel to men. Yes…. I know….. not every woman does these things.


Placeholder_personUse Men As Placeholders

Maybe you’ve been in a relationship for a while and you notice that things are starting to drag a bit. She’s starting more fights with you or if she’d usually be argumentative, she’s not bothering to fight at all anymore. Her and her friends get quiet when you walk into the room. She’s avoiding your phone calls. Her circumstances haven’t changed, but things that she absolutely needed you for are no longer a necessity.


If she’s a decent person, she’ll keep it short and sweet and just done it.  But if she’s Machiavellian, she’ll hold on to you for a while until she gets whatever she set out to get; or until someone new comes along. Some women don’t like to be alone, so instead of putting you out of your misery and ending it, they’ll string you along until she meets someone to replace you. If she’s really heartless, she’ll start things up with him (or them) before she’s broken up with you.


puppet_article-small_Emotional Manipulation

Most men hate the sight of a crying woman, and some women will take advantage of this by bawling to get what they want, however unreasonable. Yes, if men didn’t have such a strong aversion to tears in the first place, maybe this situation wouldn’t present itself, but here we are in 2014, and a lot of women need to do little more than shed a tear for a guy to get weak. If this happens to you, don’t react; try to keep a cool head and try to talk it out. The more time that elapses between the tears and your reaction, the better the odds that you will make a level headed decision.


black-woman hitting manPhysical Violence

Most men are raised to never hit a woman. Unfortunately, there are some women who use this aspect of a man’s social conditioning to try to gain power over him. In the minds of these women, it’s perfectly acceptable to physically assault a boyfriend/husband when he says or does something that pisses her off. Confident that he would never hit her back, this type of woman feels like she can inflict any kind of physical pain on him without fear of repercussion. And if the man does retaliate he is further assaulted with the indignation of “what kind of man put’s his hand on a woman?” We see it played out everyday in viral internet videos, woman physically assaulting man? Yay! Man slaps a chick a couple times? Bitch ass, him fi get gunshot.  But the fact is that hitting and hurting your significant other is wrong, no matter who you are.


public-argumentCriticizing/Undermining/Belittling/Emasculating Their Men (In Public)

Over the past 10 years, there has been a proliferation on TV and in movies of the bumbling unaccomplished man-child and his accomplished, competent girlfriend or wife. The guy is the butt of all the jokes and eye-rolls and he takes it in stride because he’s grateful to be paired up with such a great lady.  As is wont with the media > reality dynamic; this bleeds over into everyday life all the time.  Another common scenario is the man who may be earning less than his spouse.  This is especially hurtful for men who sacrificed and financed their women’s education and once she has arrived he is not of her ilk.


I heard of a scenario in which a humble hard working young man came face to face with the business end of a firearm held by one of the “top men” of his girlfriend of many years who he put through university and law school.  His crime?  He came over to the apartment he was paying rent for (but didn’t reside at) one Friday night (as he typically did) after becoming worried after being unable to reach his girlfriend all day.  He knocked on the door, and in response to her inquiry as to “who is it”; identified himself.

Later, she explained to us that she did not expect him to ever come there without her TELLING him to come because he only does what she TELLS him to do.  Unbeknownst to him, and probably to this day, of all the men she had coming there, he probably spent the least time of all of them there.   There is no reason to take constant public criticism/disrespect/belittling/emasculation from your wife or girlfriend. If she wouldn’t like you doing it to her, she shouldn’t dish it out. Simple as that.

I’ve also heard of women who address their men with scant regard, and then their friends and family pick up on this and join the parade of disrespect.


facebook-status-as-singleDon’t Disclose Their Relationship Status

You’ve pulled out all your best moves, sent her credit, paid for a couple hairstyles etc. and you seem to be making progress with the cute girl you’ve just met. Then she’s finally at your house, you’re attempting to collect for all that you’ve done and she finally decides to tell you “I have a boyfriend.”  Besides reminding you of that scene in Smile Orange; that information would have been nice to have before the begging began. And, while its certainly not the worst thing a woman could do to a man,  it is extremely annoying and dishonest to feign availability so that she can enjoy your gifts.


no sexWithhold Sex To Make A Point

There’s not being in the mood, and then there’s using sex as a power tool. Women have gone on strike in the bedroom as a form of protest for centuries — there are parts of the world where it remains an effective form of social protest.

Needless to say, there are other ways to get a point across.  Yes, it can be effective, but it can also effectively be a major factor in why your significant other might choose to diversify his vaginal portfolio.  So, next time, ladies, try talking it out.



You had long standing plans to attend an event.  Suddenly,your girlfriend asks you to change your plans to be with her instead. She doesn’t have any particular reason; she just wants you to. She knows that you had plans, but if you really love her, you’d do what she wants instead, right? If any request comes with an “If you really loved me,” then it’s a test. If you choose anything other than what is being demanded, you’re going to fail. This kind of testing in a relationship is cruel and petty.



FlirtFlirt To Inspire Jealousy

Maybe she’s feeling under-appreciated, maybe you’ve just had a big fight or maybe she just enjoys the thought of you being in prison for doing something really dumb. For whatever reason, girls who flirt obviously with other guys in front of their boyfriends are immature,  manipulative and stupid.  Everyone isn’t cut out for this, and the probability of violence in such situations is very high.



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