Top 5 Caribbean Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Thanksgiving Beach

Celebrating Thanksgiving has caught on in practically all immigrant households.  People of Caribbean origin and descent have embraced this holiday, but, as usual, have added our own touches.  We use many of the same main and side dishes as traditional American households, but have made our own revisions and substitutions to nice up di ting to our liking.  Below are the Top 5 Caribbean Thanksgiving Side Dishes.


  • Macaroni & Cheese : Caribbean people love dem macaroni & cheese, but! Please, never dare present the watery, gooey mac & cheese preferred by many. Dem will cuss yuh.  The preference is mac & cheese cooked to golden brown perfection, with just the right amount of texture and flavour.

Fresh vegetable salad with tomato, lettuce, cucumber 	Fresh vegetable salad with tomato, lettuce, cucumber

  • Salad : Salad (aka lettuce, tomato, cucumber-for the most part) is the go to accompaniment for meals ranging from Sunday dinner, to bar-b-qs to any occasion where the attendance of craven people is anticipated.  Some people love it, some people hate it, but its appearance is guaranteed at any meal that denotes an occasion.


  • Potato Salad: Potato salad is one the most customized/personalized side dishes in Caribbean households.  Everyone has their dash of this, or dash of that they use to set it apart from everyone elses.


  • Sweet Potato Souffle: A relatively recent favourite for many, sweet potato souffle is the perfect balance of sweetness and decadence.  When done right, it practically melts in your mouth.  All the better, because, as we all know, on Thanksgiving, any food which allows us to conserve energy whilst eating is a winner! Popular toppings include marshmallows and pecans.


  • Stuffing: Stuffing is a universal favourite.  There’s something about the flavours,  the smell, the look,the herbs, the texture that everyone finds appealing.  This is another very customizable dish with additions varying from sausages, to squash.


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